EP launch: A Crown on a Chain by Far Flown Falcon

Cover design by Van Quynh
Cover design by Van Quynh

My first EP under the name Far Flown Falcon is now available on Bandcamp. It follows the ‘pay what you like’ model, which means you can download the six songs for $1,000 or for nothing at all. It’s up to you! And please, don’t be shy about downloading the album for free. I want to share my music as widely as possible, and whilst a little pocket change is welcome, I’m more interested in it reaching as many ears as possible.

Follow this link to listen and download: A Crown on a Chain EP on Bandcamp

The songs on this EP stem from recording sessions, many one day or one weekend affairs, stretching back over several years. Two of the tracks were made whilst I was still part of my old band, The Lazy Lizards, whilst the others were made in fevered rushes during visits back to the UK from foreign shores.

I have to offer particular thanks to my friend Phill Ward, who produced all these songs, played guitar, bass, drums and percussion, and invariably pulled out all the stops to make them sound brilliant within a tiny timeframe. Another shout-out should go to Amjid Hasan and Emma Beecham, my bandmates from the Lazy Lizards, who were also involved in the creation of many of these cuts.

Whilst many friends reading this blog will have heard these old tracks already, I’ve haven’t before collected them together as a single work. Despite having being made in isolation from each other, I feel they stand together quite well – probably thanks to Phill’s firm hand behind the production desk.

The last couple of years have found my muse revived when it comes to making music and songwriting. I have another EP of new material written and recorded in the last six months which will hopefully see a release by the end of 2015.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

October 2015

EP launch: A Crown on a Chain by Far Flown Falcon

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