Under African Skies

under_african_skiesI think it’s the nature of blogs to get neglected, and for the past few months this blog has been true to its nature. Some upheavals in life have silenced it – the most significant of these has been a move to Africa where I have been training (and now working) as a safari guide. The bush is not known for its spectacular wifi, and studying a new vocation has proven all-consuming. Far Flown Falcon has been gliding slowly earthwards rather than soaring high: there’s been less time for music and song.

However, there is one important musical milestone that I’ve failed to announce here. At the beginning of the year I completed my fourth EP of songs: Concrete Valleys & Manmade Canyons. This was the culmination of three years living in Cairo, and the six songs are largely a commentary on how a Somerset country lad survives in one of the great cities of the world. It’s also an exploration of how the wild finds a home in mankind’s kingdom, and a celebration of the Arabic melodies and rhythms that spun my soul like a dervish while I lived in Egypt. Listen to it below:


My guitar is still with me out in the Bush, having narrowly avoided being stepped on by an elephant. It is still a source of comfort and inspiration and hopefully there will be some new songs to share soon.

Under African Skies

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